YLLGEN – Broken Beyond Repair
by on 30 marca, 2024 in

I’m coming undone
Now something different shows through the seams that you stitched to fix me up
No longer disguised, I look nothing like what you designed

I am dragged by the current
Drugged with life, so high
What is the thing you’re thinking about?
Have I stepped on your toes now?
Am I hurting your pride?
There are some things that you will never fix, I hate to say I’m one

Broken beyond repair
Whatever you do is vain
No matter how hard you try

What’s done can’t be undone, open up your eyes
And look at me once more, so you can’t deny
I took of your delusions you insisted
I wore They no longer fit me,
I am done, watch me rip them off
Let me now liberate you from your sick fantasy
I will keep on hurting you until you leave me fvcking be
I will step into the sunlight
Bare our bodies to shame
Who is more revolting, you or me?
Who’s to take the blame?

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